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Our Core Work


Critical Issues Forums, Economics of Education, Education Policy Fellowship Program, Media Symposium and much more…




Top Ten Issues to Watch, Race to the Top Georgia’s Vision for Educational Excellence, Economics of Education – 4, and more…




Advocating for research-based policies that will reap continuous improvement and increased student achievement.



Our Mission:

Inform and influence Georgia leaders through research and non-partisan advocacy to impact education policies and practices for the improvement of student achievement.

Convene, Connect, Commit

The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education was founded in 1992 with its focus being the improvement of student achievement in our state.  Through the years the organization has not wavered in reaching that goal.  Convening and working with the business, education, civic and government communities, the Georgia Partnership has built a reputation as an independent, nonpartisan voice capable of bringing diverse ideas and groups to the table then connecting varying contributions for the betterment of our public education system. 

It has not always been a smooth road.  Political winds and state leadership often change, impacting education policies.  But through it all, the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education has crafted a reputation of rock-solid non-partisan advisement to policy and decision makers.  There are few key education programs and decisions over the past almost 25 years that the Partnership has not been a part of.  But with so many recurring and new challenges, our work is just beginning. We remain steadfastly committed to education excellence.


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